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How much sunlight do solar products require?

Solar products will produce optimum results when fully charged in direct sunlight for between 6-8 hours by the sun each day. Locate your solar product in full sunlight, with western or southern exposure for optimum results. If direct sunlight is not available, the solar lanterns may still be able to charge, but they will not charge as fully or light up as long at night.

How long should my solar lantern glow each night?

Solar lanterns are designed to glow between 4-6 hours each night on a full charge. The lantern will only be fully charged if it is located so that it receives full and direct sunlight. Results will vary depending on location of the lantern, aspect of the lantern to the sun, and time of year. Solar lanterns may turn on at varying times in the evening.

Do I need to turn my solar lantern on each night? Why is there a on/off switch?

Our solar lanterns are designed with a photo light sensor which will turn your lantern on at dusk and off at dawn. You only need to turn your Soji lantern to “on” once, and leave it in the “on” position at all times during use. If you decide to put your lantern in storage during winter, turn it to the “off” position.

Will my solar lantern collect enough light to glow if I put it in my window inside my house?

While your lantern may collect some solar energy, it will not be sufficient enough to keep your lantern lit throughout the night. Solar lanterns are meant for outdoor use for optimal glow.

Why are batteries included with solar products? Are they battery powered?

All solar products require a receptacle in which they can store their collected energy. During the day the photo voltaic solar panel is collecting energy from the sun and storing that energy in a rechargeable battery. All solar products by Allsop Home & Garden are designed with the use of a rechargeable battery. Use of an alkaline, non-rechargeable battery can damage and destroy the product.

Where are the batteries located in solar products by Allsop Home & Garden?

All products by Allsop Home & Garden contain one or more rechargeable batteries located inside the solar housing compartment. To change the batteries, locate the screws on the underside of the solar housing compartment. Unscrew the screws and separate the two halves of the solar housing compartment. Remove the old battery and replace it with a new rechargeable battery. Insert the screws back into their holes and screw the two halves of the solar housing compartment back to together securely.

Are lanterns collapsible for storage?

Yes, all of the Allsop fabric lanterns can collapse to a flat position for storage. Remember to turn the switch to “off” when storing lanterns.

Can I use these on battery power only without charging for sunlight?

The batteries are designed to be recharged by the solar panel each day after glowing at night.

Where can I buy replacement batteries?

Allsop has replacement batteries available for sale here on our website or you can contact customer service by phone 866-425-5767 or email

My lantern no longer lights up, what do I do?

In most cases lanterns simply replacing the battery will get a lantern working again. If the lantern stops working within the first year it is under warranty and consumers should contact our customer service department for warranty assistance. For lanterns that have stopped working after multiple years, the LED lifespan may have been reached and it’s time to replace the housing. We do sell new solar panel housings so you can keep your lantern going for many years to come.

What material is used in the solar lanterns?

Tyvek – this is used on all “Stella” lanterns and is a super durable, construction-grade material that is water and weather resistant. This is an exclusive material – you won’t see any other solar lanterns using Tyvek.

Nylon – many of our solid color lanterns use a specialized nylon that has been UV and weather treated to resist fading and water. This nylon is very durable and long lasting.

Silk Effects Nylon – similar to the nylon properties above, our more transparent nylon is used on the silk effects line and while it looks pretty and delicate it is durable and can handle year round outdoor use.

Canvas – a new addition to our line in 2016, the canvas series of lanterns use a specialized weather-resistant canvas material that has the look and feel of traditional canvas, but is meant for year-round outdoor use.

How are your lanterns better than the cheap imitations?

Allsop Home & Garden lanterns are known for being the most durable and long lasting on the market. We expect our lanterns to last multiple years and we use higher quality materials than the competition. We offer a 1-year warranty on our lanterns because we know how well they are made and we stand behind our products.

While cheap “knock-offs” may seem like a good deal, if you read the reviews you’ll find that their color often begins fading in as little as a week. The truth is that those lanterns are considered “throw away” items that may not even last one season.

If you read the competitor’s reviews below it’s easy see why it makes sense to avoid cheap imitations –

 “The color of the lanterns is what attracted me to purchase however the colors on this brand faded very quickly, within two months, and the strings pulled away on two of three. The pink lantern arrived broken. Poor quality. Would not recommend or buy these again.”

“Out of box only 2 worked. Tried to switch batteries, and nope it was the solar charger broken. Then a month later the other one broke and all three were horribly faded…no rain so just being in the sun for a month they pretty much lost most color and look awful. Now beyond return period. Awful.”

“Doesn’t last very long. Will lose shape, fades and solar light doesn’t last long even when I change the batteries.”


How do I interlock the handles on my Clean-Up Canvas to haul?

The Clean-Up Canvas has 4 handles, one on each corner. One handle has a black tag and is slightly longer than the other three. Thread this handle through the other three to create a carrying handle.

Are replacement parts available for my WheelEasy?

Yes – we offer replacement wheels and canvas for both the original WheelEasy and the LE version. They are available for sale on our website.

How should I store my WheelEasy / Clean-Up Canvas

For longest life, our WheelEasy and Clean-Up Canvas products should be stored out of direct sunlight and weather.

While both products are extremely durable, over time sunlight and weather can cause products to degrade. Storing in a cool, dry location such as a garden shed or garage is recommended.

What if my new WheelEasy tire has a strong rubber smell?


The WheelEasy tire is made of a rubber material and when fresh out of the package it can smell quite strong. If the smell is problematic place the tire outside in sunlight for 1-2 days to air out.


Soji solar lantern assembly and setup instructions



Tea Lantern Unboxing and Setup

Setting up your solar votive is easy! Turn the solar panel switch to “on”, and then set or hang your votive in direct sunlight (6 hours for best results) with the solar panel facing up toward the sun. Once the sun goes down and it gets dark enough, the included photosensor will turn the votive on automatically!

Boaters Lantern Unboxing and Setup

Setting up your solar votive is easy! Turn the solar panel switch to “on”, and then set or hang your votive in direct sunlight (6 hours for best results) with the solar panel facing up toward the sun. Once the sun goes down and it gets dark enough, the included photosensor will turn the votive on automatically!


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