Glass Solar Lanterns

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    Our artisan-made glass solar votives are beautiful both collecting sunlight by day and glowing sweetly by night. Available in various colors and silhouettes, the flecked and textured glass casts beautifully dappled patterns of light. Our votives can sit tabletop or hang from a hook or branch, perfect for softly illuminating a romantic al fresco dinner or a charming garden pathway. Hand-blown means that no two pieces are exactly alike, making these our most giftable products!
    3 products
    Tea Lantern Handlown Solar Glass on table
    Tea Lantern Handlown Solar Glass
    White Mint Tidal Blue
    Solar Tea Lanterns 5" Handblown Glass
    Boaters Solar Glass Lantern Studio
    Boaters Solar Glass Lantern lit up at night
    Cone Cylinder Square
    Boaters Glass Solar Lanterns
    Gem Light Solar Lantern Studio
    Gem Light Solar Lantern on fence post
    Milk Jade Coral Smoke +1
    5.5" Gem Light Glass Solar Lanterns