Solar power uses new technology to capture the sun’s natural energy, and our company founders knew from the very beginning that they wanted to use this new technology to create beautiful lighting in an eco-friendly and sustainable model. Our solar lanterns feature the very latest in solar cell technology.

SOLAR CELL – A solar cell is made up of multiple layers of crystalline silicone. Sunlight excites electrons within the photovoltaic cell to move and create electric current.

BATTERY – The current from the solar cell is stored inside your lantern’s rechargeable battery, then when the photoresistor in your lantern senses darkness, it turns on the LED bulb and your battery powers it until it depletes itself. The next day the entire process begins again.

ON/OFF SWITCH – When placed in the ON position, your lantern will collect sunlight and charge the battery, and then automatically turn the LED bulb on when it gets dark. It will repeat this process daily. In the OFF position, your lantern won’t turn on at night, but it will still charge when placed in sunlight.

Weather-resistance and outdoor use

Our solar lanterns are designed for year-round outdoor use. They are durable and ready to stand up against rain, snow, and wind. Our solar housings are designed to withstand the elements; however, they are not designed for full immersion in water.

Each year, we get pictures from our customers of their lights glowing on snowy nights or outside in a dark rainstorm. We know that there are companies that have tried to copy our solar lanterns but customers quickly find out that these knock-off products fail and can’t be used in the rain. We’re proud of our products and a lot of engineering went into creating a product with this level of quality.

While our solar housings are designed for years of outdoor use, we understand that in some cases Mother Nature may win. In these cases feel free to contact our customer service department, as the solar housings and batteries in your solar lantern are replaceable!