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Gardening can be a blast, but it can also be a ton of work! Luckily our founder, Jim Allsop, invented multiple garden-specific devices to make your life easier.


This amazing tool was originally invented so Jim could dump grass clippings from his mower in one place and then carry them to his compost pile. It’s easier than using a garbage can, and can go places a wheelbarrow can’t! It’s also great for leaves, weeding, trimmings, and because of its interlocking handles, you never have to worry about it falling open.

Clean-Up Canvas includes: poly tarp with reinforced edges and corners, and four soft grip interlocking handles. Patent pending.

Specifications: 79″ x 73″. 300 lb capacity.

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The WheelEasy™ line of ground-flush loading garden carts are in a league of their own. Unlike anything else on the market today, WheelEasy’s™ unique soft-sided canvas barrow lays flat on the ground where gardening takes place. Just sweep, rake, roll, slide or drag directly into the canvas barrow – no heavy or awkward lifting required.

The WheelEasy™ is available in two sizes. Use the original WheelEasy™ for big jobs, since it has a capacity of 350 lbs. The WheelEasy™ LE is great for city dwellers and homes with smaller yards and holds up to 150 lbs.

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Save your deck! You know those dark spots under the pots on your deck? That happens because water, dirt, bugs and grime are trapped there. Left unattended, that muck stains decking surfaces. The best defense is to prevent it from happening at all. Pot Pads™ can help.

Pot Pads are discreet, yet incredibly strong and are rated to hold up to 3,000 lbs. Just insert four Pot Pads beneath each pot providing instant drainage and aeration for healthier plants. Elevating the pot off of the decking surface prevents deck-rot, molding and staining, and will also keep pots from freezing and cracking during winter months.

Using a unique two-part construction each Pot Pad is made of a hard plastic dome and a “non-skid” rubber grip pad. Pot Pads grip the underside of the pot creating suction and allowing for easy movement of the pot on hard surfaces. Lifter Pads perform the same functionality, and their bigger size enables them to do bigger jobs. Think raising up deck boxes to store outdoor gear without a stain underneath, or elevating a storage chest inside to protect your floors. Recommended for patio gardening or deck gardening. For outdoor and indoor use. Read more on the individual product pages and match the best Pad for your job!

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