How we got started

In the year 2000, renowned inventor Jim Allsop was inspired to create the world’s first ground-level loading Wheelbarrow, the Wheeleasy™. This unique product took the heavy lifting out of yard work and quickly became a national sensation. Shortly thereafter, Jim’s daughter Jamey joined the company and together the father/daughter team founded Allsop Home and Garden.

Inspired by advancements in solar technology, they came up with a plan to design the world’s most unique solar-powered lighting. By combining durable yet beautiful materials with solar power, Jim and Jamey conceptualized and patented numerous solar products including the first solar “stake light” and the first “solar-powered lantern”.

Today, Allsop Home & Garden’s product line has grown dramatically and features a wide variety of high quality and truly innovative home and garden products. We have become widely recognized as an industry leader in decorative outdoor lighting and our new patented designs continue to inspire and illuminate outdoor spaces around the world.

Allsop Home & Garden Leadership

Jim Allsop

Jim founded Allsop Home & Garden in 2001. He pioneered the concept of decorative solar lighting with the ground-breaking “Firefly” lantern and is the inventor of the WheelEasy, Clean-Up Canvas, and Pot Pads.

Jamey Allsop

Jamey is the driving force behind Allsop’s large range of solar lanterns. With her strong creative drive and vision, she has created multiple lines of the most innovative and beautiful lanterns in the world.